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Birthdate:Sep 6
Location:California, United States of America
the girl;
i'm a 28 year old girl who enjoys things like tv shows, movies, music, comics, biology, video games, and the la galaxy. i play world of warcraft and love comic book movies. i'm a quirkyalone, which is something i just came across and i'm really enjoying knowing that i fit in somewhere in the world. i have a cat who means the world to me, who is also the devil.
the loves;
battlestar galactica, harry potter, fall out boy, hanson, glee, buffy the vampire slayer, la galaxy, david beckham, juan pablo angel, robin hood, firefly, chuck, alias, bear mccreary, stroke 9, backstreet boys, new kids on the block, taylor swift, bryan white, we shot the moon, tron, marvel movies, atonement, wanted, lord of the rings, keira knightley, james mcavoy, patrick stump, brendan mccreary, katee sackhoff, jacqueline carey, anne bishop, christopher moore, david eddings
the current obsessions;
the warcraft;
Xnédra troll resto/balance druid
Alahnia orc elemental shaman
Nacellette undead arms warrior
Nacella blood elf blood death knight
Nacellaria orc warlock
Lottia blood elf holy paladin
the links;
Twitter: cenedrawood
Facebook: laneylimpet
Tumblr: cenedrawood
Livejournal: cenedrawood cenedrawood
Limpet Adventures

Interests (136):

a separate peace, alias, angel, anne bishop, astonishing x-men, atheism, atonement, backstreet boys, battlestar galactica, bear mccreary, biology, black jewels trilogy, blackrock, bones, brendan's band, brothers and sisters, bryan white, buffy the vampire slayer, captain america, castle, christina strain, chuck, cobra starship, comic con, comics, david beckham, david eddings, dawson's creek, dead like me, death knight, dexter, disney, doctor who, dollhouse, dr horrible, ender's game, everwood, fall out boy, final fantasy, firefly, football, friday night lights, game of thrones, glee, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, hanson, harry potter, high school musical, himym, horde, iphone, jacqueline carey, james mcavoy, jimmy eat world, juan pablo angel, juno, katee sackhoff, keira knightley, kingdom hearts, kushiel's legacy, la galaxy, lady sylvanas windrunner, legend of the seeker, limpets, lord of the rings, lost, love actually, maiev, mandy moore, maplestory, mcfassy, mercy thompson series, merlin, michael fassbender, michael trucco, michael vartan, molluscs, movie soundtracks, nathan fillion, neil patrick harris, nick wechsler, one more time, one tree hill, orc, paladin, patricia briggs, patrick stump, pirates of the caribbean, pride and prejudice, pushing dasies, quirkyalone, rainbow brite, robin hood, roswell, runaways, ryan renolds, scoliosis, scott pilgrim, sean biggerstaff, serenity, shakespeare, shaman, smallville, soccer, star trek, stroke 9, tangled, taylor swift, the 4400, the avengers, the big bang theory, the guild, the office, the tudors, thor, threadless, tron, tron legacy, true blood, twitter, underworld, v, veronica mars, wanted, we shot the moon, weight lifting, weight loss, white knight, women gamers, working out, world of warcraft, x-men, x-men: first class, zac efron, zachary levi
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